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I’ve added one new outtake from a photoshoot Dylan did back in 2011!  Hopefully more outtakes will surface because I love this photoshoot!  View the full size in the gallery below!

I’ve added slightly better quality outtakes from Dylan Troix Magazine photoshoot.  Before, there was a yellow watermark across the whole image.  The ones I added now are bigger and have small transparent watermarks so you now can see Dylan’s face!  Enjoy!

As many of you have seen already, outtakes from the Comic Con 2012 photoshoot have been released!  If you haven’t seen them, you can check the hilarious outtakes in the gallery below!  Also, a HUGE thank you to hollandroden.com.br for posting them!

Replaced w/ HQ video, Thanks to iBubbles89!

Thanks to Stonesourwolf on Tumblr, I’ve added 4 outtakes from a photoshoot Dylan did at the Sundance Film Festival 2012.  Check them out in the gallery below!

I’ve added 2 outtakes from when Dylan was featured in the November 2012 issue of Teen Vogue.  Also, they released a behind the scenes video from the photoshoot!  It looks like Dylan had fun and hopefully more outtakes will be released!  You can view both the outtakes and the video below!


A new photoshoot that Dylan did while at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival  for Instyle has been added to the gallery.  You can check out the 2 photos in the gallery below!

Dylan O’Brien is that guy that you wanted to be friends with in high school. He’s handsome enough to be part of the popular crowd, but he squirms when you talk about love and sweats when you talk about female body parts (especially Jennifer Aniston’s.)The 20-year-old former YouTube star made his name as Stiles on the hit MTV series Teen Wolf,  and currently stars alongside Britt Robertson and Craig Roberts in the new Jon Kasdan-directed teen comedy, The First TimeHere he is on his first high school love, heartbreak, and his taste in women.

Describe your character Dave in The First Time in three words.
Wow, just three words? That makes it so much harder. He’s sweet, vulnerable and a guy. [Laughs] I love how I led off with sweet, but really, he’s such a dude. Just one of those sweet, sappy dudes.

Dave’s pretty complex.
Yeah, I would need an essay to describe him. Like, three pages.

The First Time is about a budding romance between two high school students and their first weekend together. Do you remember your first love?
I was in high school, I think. It’s the first time that you start thinking of one of your girl friends as more than just a friend and you just think about her all the time and are obsessed with her and think she’s really pretty and just want to hang out with her always. And then you start trying to process those feelings. That’s literally what the film is all about: trying to understand all those emotions you first have when you have no idea where they’re coming from.

Did you use your first experience as inspiration for the film?
Definitely—that’s how I interpreted the script the first time I read it. It features everything I saw and went through. It got so real.

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16 amazing outtakes from Dylan’s Da Man Magazine have been released!  I just love this photoshoot so much!  You can view them in the gallery below! If you haven’t seen the scans yet, you can view them here!

Dylan was featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Bullet Magazine!  Thanks to k4kimber.com,(and thanks to VA for the heads up!) I’ve added the scan to the gallery!  You can view the scan along with the outtake in the gallery below!