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I’ve added 13 additional movie stills from “The First Time” to the gallery.  You can check them out in the gallery below!  Also, make sure to preorder your copy of the DVD on Amazon!  The DVD is set to come out March 12, 2013. 

Gallery Links: Film Productions > The First Time (2012) > Movie Stills [x13]



The official movie site for “The Internship” has been launched!  Click on the image above to check out the site, and don’t forget to sign up to get emails regarding the movie on the site as well!

Since it’s the new year (I know I’m a few weeks late!), I wanted to have a new layout for Dylan O’Brien Online!  Thanks to kperry.org, I’ve put up a gorgeous new layout!  I hope all of you enjoy it!

Collider.com posted the official movie poster for “The Internship“.  The movie comes out June 7th.  View the full size poster in the gallery below!

“Teen Wolf” fans are some of the most needy–in a good way, of course–in MTV history. Clues about characters and story lines are as crucial to you as H2O, and with Season 3 still months away from its premiere, you’ve been feeling thirstier than ever. Luckily, executive producer Jeff Davis realizes that sharing is caring, so every week leading up to the kickoff he’ll be releasing one teaser about the upcoming episodes. Check out the latest below!

Dylan O’Brien fans, this one’s for you! Jeff Davis gave us the scoop on how bringing Stiles to life won’t be Dylan’s only job on set this season:

“I have long been trying to get Dylan O’Brien to sit down and write with me. Sometimes I’ll harass him to help me come up with a funnier line. And most people know he gets in an ad-lib or two. But tonight, after he wrapped his acting work for the day, we actually sat down and wrote a scene together. We’ll see if fans can guess which one as it will show up in episode 306.”

Enjoy the hunt for Dylan’s first “Teen Wolf” scene from the writers’ table!


I found 6 MQ pictures of Dylan from the Teen Choice Awards in 2011 that we didn’t have in the gallery before.  You can check them out below!

Make sure to pre-order your copy of “The First Time” on Amazon now!  The DVD will be released March 12, 2013.

I’ve added pictures from on set of “The Internship” from August 23, 2012.  Check them out below1

EDIT: HQs added thank Jesse J Source!

I’ve added slightly better quality outtakes from Dylan Troix Magazine photoshoot.  Before, there was a yellow watermark across the whole image.  The ones I added now are bigger and have small transparent watermarks so you now can see Dylan’s face!  Enjoy!

The stars of ‘Teen Wolf’ welcome cameras to the set on the first day of shooting season 3, and Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien answer some fan mail.