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To say The First Time is one of 2012’s most enjoyable, charming and heart-humping films is something of an understatement since, the truth is, I loved this movie so hard it borders on inappropriate.

Starring Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien and The Secret Circle’s Britt Robertson, the film is in many ways akin to a stage play with their characters, Dave and Aubrey, meeting cute, and spending the remainder of the weekend talking their way into one another’s hearts.

The dialogue rings so true there are moments where you wonder if writer/director Jon Kasdan has been sneaking peeks at your high school diary and cribbing the best lines. But words are just that until an actor performs them and the electricity that infuses every word and every shared scene is nothing short of remarkable. If their respective small screen work hadn’t already revealed this to you, Dylan and Britt will be massive stars and The First Time is a sensational showcase for both.

TheInsider.com is proud to present an exclusive clip from The First Time, opening October 19!


Love hurts—literally.

Teen Wolf” actor Dylan O’Brien and former “Secret Circle” actress Britt Robertson star as two teens falling in love in the upcoming romantic comedy “The First Time.” And in anticipation of the film’s release, Hollywood Crush has snagged an EXCLUSIVE clip that will make you swoon. Then wince.

In the first look above, Britt’s Aubrey and Dylan’s Dave are in the middle of an intimate conversation (we saw that lean in, kids!), when Audrey’s boyfriend Ronny (played by James Frecheville) busts in, and well, things get ugly from there. I mean, someone actually throws out the line: “You pretentious little Belle and Sebastian…”

…We can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

“The First Time,” which also stars Victoria Justice, Molly Quinn and Lamarcus Tinker, hits theaters tomorrow.

Looks like the official site for “The First Time” has launched!  There’s not much on it yet except theater listings, reviews and the synopsis of the movie, but I’m sure over the next few days more things will be added!  Check it out by clicking above or clicking here!

Kidzworld: Did you and Britt Robertson who plays the girl you experience a first time with in the movie (Note: We’re talking PG-13 here) get a chance to meet and get to know each other before shooting?

  • Dylan: Yeah. We auditioned together. We had a chemistry read (to see if they clicked as a couple). We found out that we got the parts and in the weeks before shooting. Jon (Jonathan Kasdan the director) got us together.  We’d go to his house for rehearsals every day. That could go either way. You could spend those weeks getting sick of each other or spend them really getting along which is what we had.

Kidzworld: There is a lot of dialogue in this film and it seems very real. Did you and Britt ad-lib any of it or did Jon write it all?  

  • Dylan: With me it was kind of free-range speaking. I would never not say what I was supposed to say but I’d say it the way I was comfortable with it.

Kidzworld: Who was the jokester on set? What did he/she pull?

  • Dylan: Well, James Frecheville (who plays Britt’s weird 1st boyfriend Ronny in the film) was kind of a prankster. It was random and weird. He hid my shoes first day on set and I couldn’t go home because I didn’t have any shoes! (we laugh). He later pulled them out of a wastebasket.  They sent me home in wardrobe shoes. I was walking around in socks. When he wrapped, he called me (Aussie accent) “Got your shoes, man!” “You’ve got to be kidding me!”.

Kidzworld: When you were a teen, did you have a posse or at least a best friend you shared info on girls with? Dave’s friends in the movie almost give too much advice.

  • Dylan: Yeah, I had my group of buddies. You had certain buddies for talking to about certain things. I’d say the majority of my friends were classic teenage guys about that stuff. I was always a romantic and I was thinking about this stuff like ten times more than these other dudes were. I would mainly keep it to myself.  I never did it like (my character) Dave does through; just pour his heart out to his friends every day. I was shyer about it I guess.

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Have you heard of The First Time? It’s a new movie about losing your virginity in high school, and it stars none other than Teen Wolf hottie Dylan O’Brien.

In the flick (which we totally loved, BTW), Dylan plays a shy high school senior named Dave who’s had a crush onVictoria Justice for years, but ends up falling for Britt Robertson during one crazy weekend. Lucky ladies!

We got a chance to sit down with Dylan last week in Los Angeles, where he told us all about his own high school experience, and, yep, losing his virginity!

He also shares a horror story from one of the parties he attended in high school. You’ve gotta wait till the end of the video to find out what happened to him!

Will you be checking out The First Time when it hits theaters on Friday?

If you can’t view it, see it here.

I’ve added 4 HQ movie stills from “The First Time.  You can view them in the gallery below and remember that “The First Time” comes out this Friday  in select theaters!  Check out if it is in theaters near you here.

  • Davis “There is a bromance triangle forming between Scott, Isacc and Stiles”
  • “Stiles is our psudo detective and will have a moment in ep 2 & 3 to set him in his arc”
  • S3 will start 4mnths later and the kids will be juniors. Boys have moved on from Allison an Lydia.
  • Jeff likes the Sterek fans
  • Stiles as a bisexual may be spoiler territory
  • “Lydia will be part of Scott’s pack/less romantic relationship between Stiles and Lydia”

Thanks to @Sonic43@Casness  and Teen Wolf Daily

As you can see I’ve put up a new layout here at Dylan O’Brien Online!  The outtakes from Da Man magazine were just to amazing and I had to create a new layout!  I hope all of you enjoy it and please if you see any problems please feel free to email us at dobrienonline@gmail.com.

Also, check out the full gag reel which was release at the New York Comic Con yesterday!

Thanks to windycitygirl89, I’ve added 3 scans from the November 2012 issue of Teen Vogue.  You can check them out in the gallery below!

Dylan and costar Britt Robertson did an interview with Awesomeness TV to promote their movie “The First Time.  Check out the cute interview below!

A new photoshoot that Dylan did while at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival  for Instyle has been added to the gallery.  You can check out the 2 photos in the gallery below!

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