While Taormina is playing up its new populist appeal through comedies, it is also boasting an educational bent.

In what might be seen as sacrilege by some cinephiles, TV takes the spotlight in several onstage conversations — dubbed Tao Class Chats — about smallscreen stardom in America. Jason Lewis (“Sex and the City,” “Brothers & Sisters”), Lisa Edelstein (“House”) and young hearttrobs Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf”) and Britt Robertson (“The Secret Circle”) have been recruited for the chats in Taormina’s Greek Theatre to discuss TV stardom vs. movie stardom, and keeping a character fresh on a long-running skein.


In an interesting juxtaposition, Taormina will feature recent works by both Lawrence Kasdan, whose baby boomer drama “Darling Companion” will unspool, and his son Jonathan, who will bring his teen comedy “The First Time,” to the fest. Both pics will have their international preems at Taormina. Fest will also serve as the European launch pad for Fox’s “The Three Stooges.”


Looks like Dylan and “The First Time” costar Britt Robertson will attended the Taormina Film Festival 2012 which takes place June 23rd-28th! More information will be posted as they become released.

Choice Summer TV Show

“America’s Got Talent”

“The Secret Life of the American Teenager”

“So You Think You Can Dance”

“Teen Wolf”


Teens between the age of 13-19 make sure to vote everyday for the cast of Teen Wolf for Choice Summer TV Show!  Voting will end July 21st at 11:59 PM and the show will be July 22nd on Fox.

With werewolves, vampires and other supernatural kind hogging the pop culture spotlight these days, does he think this genre is here to stay or are its days numbered?

He mused, “I think it’s like any trend. I think trends go in and out, we have our time, and things come and go. It just depends on what product involvement, what people get sick of, what else comes back into play, or what becomes cool again. And I think in our generation, it’s the supernatural, the wolves, the vampires… Our generation is totally getting obsessed with that genre. I don’t think it’s a matter of whether or not that will stick (as) I think people will eventually get sick of this (laughs). I really do! I think it will fade, then it will come back.”

But does he believe in the supernatural?

Dylan said, “I don’t believe in werewolves, but yeah, I believe in the supernatural. I have premonitions sometimes, like weird stuff. There’s a weird way about the universe and I totally believe in the stuff.”

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I’ve also added 2 more promotionals for the second season of Teen Wolf.

What did everyone think of last night’s episode?  I thought it was amazing as usual!

Hey all you Teen Wolf Fans! Va from tyler-posey.com  along with TW fan Shannon and I have put together a site just for Teen Wolf!  At Teen Wolf TV, you can find the latest news and pictures of your favorite tv show!  Make sure to visit the site with and amazing layout (VA’s AMAZING skills) and make sure to join the forums here to talk and discuss with other teen wolf fans!

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I know this interview is a few days late (May 31), but better late then never!  The video won’t embed so you have to view it on the site!  Just click on the picture below and you will see the interview!

One year ago, June 6, 2011, Dylan O’Brien Online officially opened!  I would like to thank everyone that has visited the site and to everyone that’s continuing to support the site!  I would also like to thank Dylan for just being the awesome person he is! ;D

I’ve also added a few more pictures from when Dylan was at the Dodger’s Game catching the first pitch as well as a few videos from the MTV Movie Awards.  Enjoy!

I’ve added the episode stills & screen captures from last night’s episode titled “Shape Shifted”.

I’ve added screen captures & episode stills  from last night’s episode titled “Omega“.  Don’t forget to watch the second episode of Teen Wolf tonight at 10pm only on MTV!

Also, check out this video posted by  on youtube!  It’s hilarious and have two very special guests ;]