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Thanks to Pampowell & Larry, I’ve added 44 pictures from the Q&A Session of the Premiere of “The First Time”.  If you repost these please credit the original photographer.  Enjoy!

Contest winner Shannon Grimes takes a tour of the ‘Teen Wolf’ set and chats with the stars about the upcoming season.

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I’ve added 3 twitter pictures that were missing from the gallery.  These were posted on Dylan’s Teen Wolf co-star JR Bourne’s Twitter (Allison’s father) back in Feburary. Make sure to follow him if you are not already!

I’ve added 2 behind the scenes shot of Dylan on the set of Teen Wolf.  It looks like he’s doing some promotional work for the show! Who else is excited for Teen Wolf to come back on our tv screens?! Thanks VA for the  heads up!

Man, we’ve missed these two!

No, we’re not talking about Scott (Tyler Posey) and Allison (Crystal Reed), the star-crossed lovers of MTV’s breakout hit Teen Wolf: We’re talking about BFFs Scott and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien), duh-doy!

While the supernatural series doesn’t return for its second season until June (curses!), we’ve got our hands on an exclusive deleted scenes from Teen Wolf’s season one DVD set that will make the wait a little more bearable. Of course, it’s all about Scott and Stiles’ bromance!

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In this outtake from episode three, Scott and Stiles have a heart-to-heart. Well, as much of a heart-to-heart as two teenage guys can possibly have. The convo takes place in Stiles’ trusted jeep.

Scott has just visited fellow werewolf Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) to see if he could teach him to remember his time as a werewolf (’cause he thinks he might have killed someone, yikes!), and when Scott gets in the car, Stiles dishes out one of his awesome one-liners: “Hey, so what did he teach you? How to roll over? Beg? Did you give him your paw?”

Clearly, Scott isn’t as easily amused as we are, probably because he’s afraid he might end up killing his BFF/trusted sidekick. “What if I go to sleep one night and it’s you I end up killing? How would you feel if I killed you, Stiles?!” Stiles, in all his Seth Cohen-esque glory, answers, “I’d prefer not to feel anything really. I have a very low tolerance for pain.”

Have we mentioned how much we miss Stiles?

Teen Wolf’s season one DVD set hits stores May 22 and season two returns to MTV in June!


 Remember to pre-order your copy of Teen Wolf buy clicking here!

Thanks VA for the head’s up!

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions has picked up all US. rights to The First Time, the teen romance written and directed by Jonathan Kasdan.

SPWA also picked up Canadian ancillary rights in the deal.

The movie premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival and was produced by Martin Shafer andLiz Glotzer.

The movie is a high school romance centering on a senior and junior from different schools that meet at a party. Over the course of one weekend, a fledgling romance develops.

Up-and-comers Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf)Britt Robertson (The Secret Circle), andVictoria Justice (Fun Size) are among the stars.

No release plans were announced.


This is such good news!  I can’t wait until it is released and when information does come out about being released I will post about it!  Also, check out a new still from the movie by clicking on the picture above!

I’ve added a pictures to the gallery that we did not have before.  I’ve added pictures from the Premiere Party For MTV’s “The Buried Life” Season 2 back in 2010, HQ pictures from Entertainment Weekly’s 5th Annual Comic-Con Celebration, and pictures from The First Time Premiere and from The Bertolli Meal Soup Chalet from earlier this year.  Enjoy!

I’ve put up a new layout on the site.  I was  getting a little tired of the dark colors so I switched it up!  I hope all of you enjoy the new theme!  Also, don’t forget to pre-order the DVD box set of Teen Wolf on amazon.com.  The DVD is not available until May 22,2012.

Here are a few more interviews/ red carpet videos of Dylan from the premiere of The First Time.  Thanks VA for the head’s up!

Also, check out another cute video of Dylan and Britt Robertson here!

Dylan just posted a awesome new video of himself singing/ making beats on twitter! View it below! (If it doesn’t load refresh it a few times or view it here)

Also, Teen Wolf season 2 is set to premiere June 3rd!  Who’s excited?!