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I’ve put up a new layout on the site.  I was  getting a little tired of the dark colors so I switched it up!  I hope all of you enjoy the new theme!  Also, don’t forget to pre-order the DVD box set of Teen Wolf on amazon.com.  The DVD is not available until May 22,2012.

Here are a few more interviews/ red carpet videos of Dylan from the premiere of The First Time.  Thanks VA for the head’s up!

Also, check out another cute video of Dylan and Britt Robertson here!

Dylan just posted a awesome new video of himself singing/ making beats on twitter! View it below! (If it doesn’t load refresh it a few times or view it here)

Also, Teen Wolf season 2 is set to premiere June 3rd!  Who’s excited?!

Allison, Scott and Stiles shoot a scene in the woods…

Also, don’t forget to order or pick up your copy online on Amazon and on Target.com (only available online)

If you guys are a fan of The Hunger Games especially Alexander Ludwig  who plays Cato in the movie, please visit our family site Alexander Ludwig Online for the latest on everything Alexander Ludwig!

Teen Wolf is nominated for Best Youth Oriented Series on Television for the 38th Saturn Awards!  You can view who they are up against below.  Thanks VA for the heads up!

Being Human (SYFY)

Doctor Who (BBC America)

The Nine Lives of Chloe King (ABC Family)

Secret Circle (CW)

Teen Wolf (MTV)

The Vampire Diaries (CW)


Stan Stilinsky on Teen Wolf (Dylan O’Brien)
Stiles is so supportive of his werewolf bestie, Scott, and looks mighty fine when he’s dripping wet.
Is it too much to ask that he get more time on the air?


Here are 650+ screen captures from Dylan’s movie “High Road”.  Personally, I loved the movie!  It’s such a different role from Stiles and it’s great to see Dylan play a character that’s so different!  Make sure to preorder your copy of “High Road” from either Amazon or Target!

What’s the sweetest thing a girl has ever done for you?

Fly cross-country to see me eight hours after I was admitted to a hospital.

If you were making a mix for a girl, what three songs would have to be on it?

“Underneath it All,” by No Doubt. “Crash Into Me,” by Dave Matthews Band. “City Love,” by John Mayer.

Who’s your celeb crush?

Growing up I thought I was gonna marry Jennifer Aniston… there’s still a chance.

What’s your perfect date?

The perfect date is the one where anything and everything goes wrong, but at the end of it, all you want is to see them again.

How old were you when you got your first kiss?


What are your favorite romantic movies?

Never Been Kissed10 Things I Hate About YouBigCan’t Hardly Wait, and so many more.