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The official trailer for the 5th season of Teen Wolf has been released! Watch it below!


The official trailer for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials has finally arrived! Watch it below and make sure to mark your calendars for September 18, 2015 because it looks amazing!

A scan from the July 2015 issue of Total Film has been added to the gallery. Check it out below!



We are honing in on the season four finale of “New Girl” and it sounds like there will be some excitement. The finale titled “Clean Break” airs on May 5 on FOX.

First of all in big guest star news, Taylor Swift is expected to return for the finale! You recall that Swift already guest-starred on the show when Cece was getting married and ended up running off with the groom. Apparently she will be part of a “cliffhanging love triangle”. Will it be with Cece and Schmidt again? Swift’s role in the episode “Clean Break” is not expected to be a lengthy one, but it could prove significant, according to Spoilers Guide. Perhaps Swift’s role has to do with Nick?

The pop singer won’t be the only one showing up in the finale. Dylan O’Brien, star of “The Maze Runner” will guest star in upcoming episodes as a “blast from Jess’ past” and Merritt Wever of “Nurse Jackie” will return to play the role of Schmidt’s ex-girlfriend.

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Thanks to my friend Mouza, we have information on a new project that Dylan is attached to titled Naked Before You. The film is directed by Patrick O’Brien, who is Dylan’s father! Dylan plays Peter, a young assistant to Father Mike on his way to becoming a priest.  The film is still in the very early stages but you can read the synopsis of the film below:

Gina, a passionate romantic has just been dumped by her philandering boyfriend, Joey. Add him to her list of failed relationships. Moments after the breakup, a hysterical and heartbroken Gina unwittingly muscles her car into a funeral procession forcing her into a cemetery. To her increasing horror, several mourners recognize Gina from the neighborhood, leaving her no choice but to join the service. At the graveside and still overcome by the breakup, Gina begins to sob as the rain comes down. Father Mike’s assistant, Peter, goes to Gina to comfort her and offers her his coat. It may be love at first sight but Peter is the church deacon, on his way to becoming a priest. As Gina’s feelings for Peter intensify, Peter struggles with his own feelings for Gina and begins to question his commitment to the church, and his sentiment and loyalty to Father Mike. With little time to spare, Gina must save Peter and prevent him from taking the wrong vows.

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The very foundation of Hollywood is about to break: the final installment in a feature film adaptation of a YA book series is not being split in half. I’m not sure how the entertainment world is going to cope, but we’ll get through this together.

Indeed, Exhibitor Relations reports that 20th Century Fox has just set a February 17, 2017 release date for Maze Runner: The Death Cure, which is the third and final book in The Maze Runner trilogy by author James Dashner. Of course Dashner also wrote a prequel titled The Kill Order, with another prequel (The Fever Code) due to drop in 2016, so it’s possible Fox could always extend the film series by adapting these books, but the Maze Runner series proper looks poised to conclude in early 2017 with one movie.

The Dylan O’Brien-fronted first film in the post-apocalyptic series was a solid success at the box office when it hit theaters last fall, going on to gross $340.8 million worldwide and drawing fairly positive notices from critics. Fox moved incredibly quickly on the follow-up, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, with that film set for release this September.

Director Wes Ball returned to helm The Scorch Trials, but it’s unclear if he’ll see the full trilogy through by coming back for The Death Cure. This new release date gives Fox a little bit more breathing room between installments so it’s possible they’re allowing themselves time to find a new filmmaker, or maybe Ball just needs a bit of a breather after helming two films back-to-back for his feature debut. Regardless, the Maze Runner film series is here to stay, and refreshingly the final installment is not being stretched into two separate movies for once.

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We’ve always known Dylan O’Brien was going to be a big (read: HUGE) star, but now he has the three Golden Popcorns to prove it. *~one thousand clapping emojis~*

On Sunday night (April 12), the “Maze Runner” star walked away with the MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance. He beat out Ansel Elgort (“The Fault In Our Stars”), Rosamund Pike (“Gone Girl”), David Oyelowo (“Selma”) and Ellar Coltrane (“Boyhood”) for the coveted Golden Popcorn, which we’re sure will stand proudly next to his “I Heart Sterek” teddy bear. (Not that we’ve seen the inside of his apartment or anything. That would be weird.)

But that’s not all. O’Brien also took home the Movie Award for Best Fight, which he’ll share with last year’s Breakthrough Performance winner Will Poulter.

Did you think that was it? Because it’s not. Our boo O’Brien is taking home still ANOTHER Golden Popcorn for Best Hero after wracking up more than 8.4 million votes online, narrowly defeating Trailblazer Award recipient Shailene Woodley. And fans have officially lost their chill.

Source: MTV.Com