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Earlier in the day, Dylan along with co-stars Ki Hong Lee & Jacob Latimore visited BET’s 106 & Park. Check out pictures as well as the episode below! (The Maze Runner comes in a littler after the first commercial break!)

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During the recent junket for The Maze Runner (opening tomorrow, Sept. 17), the film’s director Wes Ball recounted an amusing incident about the way the movie’s lead actor, Dylan O’Brien was cast, or rather, was almost not cast.

Wes related that when he was approached to direct the adaptation of the best-selling series written by James Dashner after Katherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Red Riding Hood) dropped out of the project, he went about the usual process of casting for the parts.

“We weren’t looking at faces, we weren’t looking at good looks, all that stuff — fortunately, we are okay in that department, too — but we found good actors that can be truthful,” he stated. “I wanted spectacle with an emotional core to it. I can’t just have shiny pictures.”

First one to be cast was for the role of Teresa, which went to British stunner Kaya Scodelario who was just coming off a critically-acclaimed performance as Kathy in acclaimed director Andrea Arnold’s reimagining of Wuthering Heights. Kaya first gained worldwide acclaim through her role as Effy in the provocative TV series, Skins.

The other part that was also immediately cast was that of Gally, which went to another Brit actor and pre-We’re the Millers Will Poulter (he was the naïve and geeky fourth-wheel in that hit movie whose private part was bit a spider!). Will landed the part because of his distinctive eyebrows according to Wes.

The one part that took a long time to cast was that of Thomas, the lead character in this gritty story of a group of boys trapped inside a mechanical maze set in a not-so-distant America. The director wanted to cast the late River Phoenix — yes, he was serious — but knowing that River has long been gone, he went looking for an actor who can remind him of the late actor’s intensity as displayed in the film The Mosquito Coast and Dylan, unfortunately, was among many actors he refused to cast.

Dylan, for those who are not aware, is the lead in the hit TV series Teen Wolf and it surprised this writer that he almost did not get the part because his performance as Thomas is one of the best things in The Maze Runner. That he failed to make an impression during his initial audition and was not called back to read again until after about four months was something any actor, or any first-time director, had to learn from. The reason? The way he wore his hair to the audition!

On the day Dylan auditioned for the role, he was just coming off the set of Teen Wolf and was still wearing the hair and make-up he used for the show. “I was coming off work, I had hair and make-up and I was, like, ‘Oh, this is going to be great,’ yet it turned off the director. Things are funny like that.”

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Watch an interview Dylan, Kaya and Will did with redeyechicago.com below as well as a couple of new outtakes from a photoshoot they did below!

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Dylan is featured in the October 2014 issue of Elle Magazine. You can read the interview and view the scan in the gallery below! Don’t forget to pick up your own copy at your local store!



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Today, Dylan along with the cast of The Maze Runner attended the NYC screening of the movie which was hosted by Teen Vogue and Twentieth Century Fox. A few pictures from the event have been added to the gallery & can be viewed below! More pictures will added as they become available so keep checking back for those!

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Dylan O’Brien couldn’t be considered “chubby” by anyone’s standards.

Yet when he sees himself in The Maze Runner, the new film in theaters Friday and based on James Dashner’s young-adult book, the fit 23-year-old actor is honestly taken aback by how thin he looks compared to now.

“I see my face and I can’t believe I was that skinny,” O’Brien says. “Clearly I was sprinting in a hot box for eight weeks straight.”

The title is definitely honest with its descriptors — there is a maze and lots and lots of running for O’Brien and his co-stars, but there’s also an intriguing prospect for those who love dystopian tales.

Equal parts The Hunger Games and Lord of the Flies, The Maze Runner stars O’Brien as Thomas, a young amnesiac who wakes up surrounded by other boys in a strange village called The Glade.

They don’t have a clue about who put them there or why — all they know is they’re surrounded by stone walls so high they seem to touch the sky, and beyond them lies a dangerous maze that changes nightly and contains monstrous creatures called Grievers.

Some of the kids, like Gally (Will Poulter of We’re the Millers fame), are just fine with society they’ve built in The Glade and don’t agree with Thomas’ wish to escape and find out who did this to them. The drama comes to a boil, however, when Thomas seizes the role “runner” to map the maze, and Teresa (Kaya Scodelario), a mysterious girl with a connection to Thomas, inexplicably shows up in The Glade.

Most young actors in Hollywood would love to be a part of the next big young-adult movie franchise and the chance to be the next Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) or Robert Pattinson (Twilight). They have become a lucrative cottage industry in Hollywood — Lawrence’s two Hunger Games movies have grossed nearly $1 billion just in the USA.

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